Admission into University is a process which needs thinking about at the very beginning of Sixth Form. Our staff are skilled and have the time to give outstanding and personalised advice to all students. The overview below provides advice for students considering A Level options, a broad overview of the support we offer, as well as useful web-links for parents and students.

Guidance for Prospective Students

Whilst it’s certainly true that it’s important to choose subjects to study at A Level that you are good at and enjoy, it is also important to think further ahead and consider what you might want to do in the future. For some degrees, you will need to have studied a particular subject or subjects in order to apply; you need to choose subjects that will equip you for your chosen course or help to show your talent for a particular subject. If you don’t know what you want to study at University, facilitating subjects, our main provision at Harington, will help you keep your options open, as well as ensuring you can access more degrees and future professions. The Russell Group booklet, ‘Informed Choices’ is an invaluable guide to help you select the best possible subjects and combinations. Please download by clicking here.

What We Offer at Harington

Throughout the year, the tutor programme offers one-to-one mentoring and various sessions designed to prepare all of our students for further study. All Year 12 students have study skills training and undergo a critical thinking programme, as well as hearing from a range of speakers. All students complete the Harington Challenge, which includes an independently researched essay on a topic of their choice and a presentation to their peers. Our careers programme includes CV writing, networking with professionals and mock job interviews. We also have links with Oakham School, the University of Leicester and the University of Nottingham.

Our UCAS programme is comprehensive and includes talks from professionals, along with a range of support to help students research their options, build a learner profile and write a personal statement. Students are encouraged to extend their learning beyond the curriculum with schemes such as Pathways to Law, Futurelearn and Ambition Nottingham. We encourage students to visit the Careers Fair and undertake work experience, and additional academic enrichment sessions aims to help students extend their learning beyond the curriculum, something vital for a competitive university application.

For those students considering Oxford or Cambridge, we offer tailored support, along with visits to student conferences and the opportunity to attend subject-focused taster days. There will be one-to-one support for personal statements, interviews and admissions, along with a breakfast club and tutorials, designed to prepare students for subject-specific admissions and external tests such as BMAT, LNAT and TSA.

For future medics, we provide much support and guidance in order to ensure that students feel as prepared as possible for application to a Medical school. We have links with young doctors who offer individual mentoring to our potential medics, offer sessions in conjunction with ‘Grab Your Stethoscope’, and have joined with Oakham School to support medics with mock interviews, admissions test and work experience.

For further Information and advice on UCAS, please contact Rob Gumbeer, post-18 Programme of study lead.

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