Absences adversely affect the progress that students make. One of the most important things you can do for your child is make sure that they attend School regularly and on time. It is only the Head of School that can authorise an absence from School. Please read the Harington School policy on attendance and term-time absence.

We are only able to authorise time off School in EXCEPTIONAL, once-in-a-lifetime circumstances. The Head of School cannot authorise a planned absence retrospectively. It is unlikely that an absence will be granted if a student’s attendance is currently below 97% or if the absence would bring them below this figure. Permission will not be given if the reason is because of cost e.g. it is cheaper to get flights during term time.

The following are indicative of acceptable reasons for requesting an absence:

  • A hospital appointment which cannot be arranged outside of School hours.
  • To attend the funeral of a relative.
  • To participate and represent the School in a significant academic, music or sporting event.
  • To attend a post-18 interview linked to a chosen career path.
  • Driving tests.
  • Planned work experience during private study.

Students may attend open days at universities during the School week only if visiting at weekends is unavailable. Students are not permitted time off School for driving lessons, this includes tutorial and private study.

Unauthorised absence will form part of a student’s record. It is often difficult for students to catch up with work as they miss out on the interaction with the teacher and other students.

Please note that we may need to ask for additional evidence to support any request and therefore require that they are made at least 10 working days in advance of the planned absence.

To apply for a term time absence please click here to download the form and return the completed form to the Harington School Office.


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