This A level aims to impart a deep knowledge about religion and the philosophical and ethical questions that such a study poses. In learning about the history and beliefs of Christianity, questions are discussed such as: Does God(s) exist? Are there both physical and non-physical parts to human nature? How do we know what is morally right and wrong? How can we use language to discuss ethics and religion? The most enduring of philosophers’ responses are studied and students emerge from the course with an excellent grounding in the history of ideas that have shaped current beliefs in society.

Students will both broaden and deepen their appreciation of religious ideas and practice and their relevance in society. In this new specification there is an emphasis on understanding some of the conflicts in society that are posed by a multi-religious society and to become informed as to both cause and consequence.


We are planning to offer a trip to Krakow, Poland to visit Auschwitz, alongside a theatre trip and a visit to a religious studies conference.


The skills acquired through studying the course include critical thinking, essay construction and deep analysis and evaluation. As a result, the A level is excellent preparation for a broad range of university courses including Law, English and History. Many students are also attracted to study the subject before pursuing a medical career due to the content relating to questions of Medical Ethics. An inevitable characteristic of any Religious Studies A level classroom is healthy debate and discussion which itself develops crucial personal skills that relate to any workplace. Universities hold the subject in high regard due to its ability to prepare students for higher education through its rigorous engagement with critical argument.


The A level is assessed through three examination papers at the end of two years, one for each of the components studied.

TitleMarksDuration of ExamWeighting
Component 1Philosophy of Religion
Three questions from four
Component 2Religion and Ethics
Three questions from four
Component 3Developments in Religious Thought
Three questions from four


For admission to A level Religious Studies, our usual minimum requirements are:

  • Five GCSEs at grade 5 or above.
  • Students will need to have achieved a grade 6 or above in Religious Studies.