Students at Harington School are celebrating outstanding A level results this year, with over a quarter of all grades achieved at A*-A standard.

Eight students (Sofia Breeze, Joseph Halford, James Howell, Emily Lemon, Isabel Orchard, Ben Raine, Jamie Robertson, Cameron Smith) achieved A*s in all three of their A Level choices. This is particularly impressive as students need to typically achieve well over 90% in their exams to achieve this highest possible grade.

Students have secured places at the most competitive universities in the country. James Howell (A*A*A*A) and Jamie Robertson (A*A*A*AA) will both be studying Natural Science at Cambridge, whilst Amelia Seymour (A*AAA) and Ayse Tavasli (AAA) will be studying Law at Oxford and Cambridge respectfully. Sofia Breeze (A*A*A*AB) will be studying medicine at the University of East Anglia.

Not to be out done, Amelia’s twin sister, Hannah (A*AB) will be studying Veterinary Science at Liverpool. Both girls have enjoyed themselves greatly at the school and felt that their friendly rivalry and strong work ethic had served them well. Amelia said, “I have loved studying at Harington and for both Hannah and myself to achieve so well is amazing.”

Whilst university places are still being confirmed, the School is anticipating that nearly fifty per cent of all students will have secured the grades required to take up a place at a prestigious Russell group university. This reflects the high quality of specialist support provided by the school. Students leaving the school will be studying a really diverse range of courses including Architecture, Aeronautical Engineering, Nutrition, Criminology, and Computing, alongside the more conventional paths of Chemistry, Maths and French.

This year four students have opted to join the military, including one student, Alice Weaver who will be training as a dog handler. These students have enjoyed a strong association with the military service for many years as cadets with the local regiments. Two students will be completing financial apprenticeships and one student is even planning to venture into a very niche route of watchmaking.

John Harrison, Head of School, said; “I am really proud of the achievements of all our students who have worked closely with the teaching staff over the last two years to achieve some really impressive results. Students are now entering into a really diverse range of courses in which I am sure they will excel”.

Harington School Results 2019
Progress students have made in English and maths (GCSE Resits)N/A
Progress students have made in A Levels compared with students across England 0.16 (Above average)
Average Grade that students attained at A levelB
Percentage of Students with an exam entry at the end their A Level study programme93%
Percentage of Students who continued in education, training or on to employment at the end of KS5 100%
Percentage of High Prior Attainment Students achieving A*- B Grades72.50%
Percentage of High Prior Attainnent Students achieving A*- C Grades88.90%
Percentage of High Prior Attainment Students achieving A*- E Grades99.40%
Percentage of all Students achieving A*- B Grades57.50%
Percentage of all Students achieving A*- C Grades77.80%
Percentage of all Students achieving A*- E Grades97.80%