Summer Results

Students at Harington School are celebrating outstanding A level results, with over 30% of all grades awarded at A*-A and over 90% at A*-C. This is in line with the outcomes achieved in 2022, where examination boards adopted a more lenient approach following the Covid-19 pandemic, and a substantial improvement on the pre-pandemic results of 2019.

Four students achieved A*A*A* grades (Philip Tradewell, Richard Tombin, Charlie Neece and Rebecca Cullen) and a further six students achieved A*A*A (James Tylecote, Madeleine Shepherd, Oliver Pound, Sienna Murphy, Annais Luck and Oliver Crocker).  This is particularly impressive as a score of over 90% in typically required to achieve the top grades.

Students have secured places at the most competitive universities in the country. These include Warwick, Oxford, Bath, Leicester, Cambridge, Leeds and Nottingham.

Students leaving the school will be studying a really diverse range of courses including Mechanics and Robotics, Veterinary medicine, History of Art and Global Sustainable Development.

This year five students have opted to complete degree apprenticeships in a diverse range of areas. These include Law, Business, Aeronautical Engineering, Paramedic Science and Digital Technology Solutions.

Oliver Teasel, Head of School, said; “I am really proud of our students and their achievements.  Over the last two years they have worked incredibly hard and these impressive results are testament to their solid work ethic and the support they have received from the staff here at Harington School.  It is easy to forget that none of these students had sat formal examinations at GCSE level due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, so to produce results such as these is truly exceptional and shows such resilience and determination. Students are leaving Harington to pursue a diverse range of courses at some of the most prestigious universities and employers in the country and I am sure they will excel”.

Alice Harries (A*BC) who is studying English at The University of Nottingham said, “I have enjoyed my time at Harington, the teachers have been extremely supportive both academically and in my personal life. They have encouraged me achieve my full potential.”

Henry Harrison (AAAAB) who is studying National Sciences at The University of Leeds said, “I have enjoyed my time at Harington and the whole School community has been excellent. Harington has laid down the path for my next steps. The teachers are passionate and have driven my interest and I am looking forward to my future.”

Harington School is a sixth form college offering academic A levels based in Oakham, Rutland. It has gone from strength to strength since opening in September 2015, including being judged as Outstanding in all categories in an Ofsted report in January 2017. The School has grown in size each year since opening and is expected to be over-subscribed for September 2023.

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A*-A grades
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A*-C grades
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31.2% DfE

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