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Our core focus is to secure you the exam results you need to move on to a top university or entry to the profession of your choice – this is our commitment to high quality teaching, a core aspect of the Harington Post-16 experience.

Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from 2019 to 2020 academic year as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State. However, we have included our own analysis as below.

We continue to display our 2018 2019 performance measures until new performance measures are published.

Class of 2020 Results

As you may be aware, for all students across the country, A Level results were awarded through Centre Assessed Grades. We were incredibly proud of the achievements of this cohort of students who achieved a superb set of well deserved results. Although the government has committed to not publishing external results for any 2020 examination series, the headline measures were very strong; 38% of students achieved the AAB measure with 40% of all grades at A*-A, and 89% of all grades at A*-C.

Subjects in which student progress was particularly strong (ALPS3 or better*) were Computer Science, French, History, Psychology and Religious Studies. Performance was at least at national average is all over subjects (ALPS4-5).

*ALPS is a tool used by the majority of sixth forms across the country in order to set targets and judge how well similar students perform in the same subject in different settings.

Historical trends in performance

The table below provides a snapshot of our historical academic performance over the last three years. As you can tell there is a great deal to celebrate. Typically 80%+ of all grades achieved by our students are at A*-C level, a superb achievement when considering the demands of A Level. We have been incredibly pleased with the strong performance at AAB and A*-A as these are crucial indicators in ensuring students secure places at the most competitive universities and apprenticeships. For each year in this three year period over 70% of our students achieved their first choice of university with over 45% (3 year average) securing places at the competitive Russell Group universities.

Key Headline Measure202020192018
A*-A Grades40%26%36%
A*-C Grades89%79%88%
Progress MeasureN/A+0.19+0.2
ALPS Score343

Class of 2019 Results

The 2019 results can be accessed externally on the government’s own website which compares academic performance. From here it is possible to compare the performance of all schools within the region. With over a quarter of all grades (26%) awarded at A*-A level and nearly 80% at A*-C our students left with a superb set of results. The Department for Education’s progress measure (+0.19) analyses how well students perform against their expected targets (a 0 score shows students achieved as expected). +0.19 is a strong outcome, especially as many students come with strong GCSE results and subsequently very high expected targets. Our performance was celebrated in the Times Parental Checker with Harington appearing ninth in the list of all 75 sixth form providers in the country, up from twelfth the year prior.

Progress students have made in English and maths (GCSE Resits)N/A
Progress students have made in A levels compared with students across England0.16 (Above average)
Average Grade that students attained at A levelB
Percentage of Students with an exam entry at the end of their A level study programme93%
Percentage of Students who continued in education, training or on employment at the end of KS5100%
Percentage of High Prior Attainment Students achieving A*-B Grades72.50%
Percentage of High Prior Attainment Students achieving A*-C Grades88.90%
Percentage of High Prior Attainment Students achieving A*-E99.40%
Percentage of all Students achieving A*-B Grades57.50%
Percentage of all Students achieving A*-C Grades77.8%
Percentage of Students achieving A*-E Grades97.80%

To review a more detailed analysis of our results please read the latest Transformation Plan

Student Destinations

98% of students who left Harington in 2019 progressed to Higher Education, employment or a gap year prior to university. More specific information about destination data is available in our school Transformation Plan.

Student Retention

The overall percentage of students who enrolled Harington School and subsequently completed their two year A level study programme in 2019 was 95%. In our current Year 13 cohort all but one student completed Year 12 and progressed into the final year of A level. This is a superb achievement and almost unheard of in post-16 education.