Málaga trip 2023

Recently our Spanish A level students travelled to Málaga for their Spanish exchange. Highlights of the trip were a visit to the beach in the Malagueta area for a picnic, a walking tour around the old town in Málaga ending up in a traditional Moroccan tetería to try the Moroccan tea, flamenco dancing, the Cathedral and the Alcazaba the Moorish fortress, ‘Chocolate con churros’ at the most traditional churros’ restaurant in the city, a tapas lunch and a birthday cake to celebrate Cara’s 17th birthday, the impressive Catedral- Mosque in Cordoba and finally the Picasso museum.
During the visit students had plenty of opportunity to speak Spanish. The hosts only spoke to them in Spanish and their tour guide, Ignacio, made all the students feel relaxed and encouraged them to speak the language also. It was an unforgettable trip filled with fabulous food and culture.