Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Students in Year 12 completed their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award practice expedition.

After arriving in the Brecon Beacons, the students went straight into training provided by Expeditions Wales. After a frosty night they climbed the mountains for their first day of navigation training which went well and left them in high spirits. The second expedition day was more of a trial. They packed up camp in the rain and faced a misty day with intermittent heavy rainfall. Their third day had much clearer weather giving them some fantastic views on the mountains although the wind posed a new challenge. Upon reaching their camps the end was in sight with one more expedition day before the journey home.

Most of the students found their limits and surpassed them. There have been tears and tantrums as groups faced not only the physical challenges but the added psychological challenges of the ever-changing Welsh weather. They  got over these hurdles and did an excellent job of supporting each other.