Who we are

Hi I’m Maya and I’m very lucky to be part of the Harington link. I’ve always had interests in politics and sociology and this group is the perfect way to channel them. I’m passionate about feminism, lgbt+ rights, the environment, veganism, music, theatre, literature, languages and so much more!!! The harington link is a great place for me to share my ideas with like-minded people.

Hi! I’m Bay, a lucky member of the Harington Link. My main goal is to help bring an insightful perspective to conversations at Harington. My favourite word, Sonder, describes the human experience in such a beautiful way, I hope to introduce people to this way of thinking and perhaps bring peace and happiness to somebody’s day! 🙂

Hi, my name’s Archie and I’m part of the Harington Link team. I’m fascinated by the world around us, and the forces behind the connections that we as humans make. I’m particularly interested in the effect that philosophy has in modern society, particularly in areas such as politics. I believe it is important that all of us take more time to stop now and then to think about the motives behind the things we do. I hope to help us go together on a journey of self-awakening

My name is Isatou and my main perspectives are ones of heavy theism and pro blackness.  I like to understand God mainly through Sufi Islam, branches of Christian mysticism and Hinduism.  This links always in surprising and beautiful ways to political panAfricanist ideas that I support.  I also love talking about these things- I think that to talk truthfully is to channel God.

I’m Naomi, and my main goal within the Harington Link is to make more people aware of how fascinating philosophy is, and how it can be so useful in every aspect of our lives. This can be from decision making, to how we treat others, to how we perceive so-called reality. Philosophy is a subject that shouldn’t be bound to a classroom, it’s something we can and should integrate into our everyday lives and interactions. I love learning about existentialism and humanism, as well as ways to explore human consciousness and the psyche. All of these things have changed how I act in my everyday life for the better, and I’ve used them to improve my own well-being and outlook on the world.

I am Kai, I didn’t really know a lot about philosophy before going to Harington, but I’ve been very inspired, and I love learning about everyone’s different perspectives and about very profound ideas concerning our lives and our world. I love languages and different cultures around the world. I have always been in awe of how people can connect with eachother and convey emotions through music, dance and poetry.

What we do

@Haringtonlink is a project headed up by Dr Smith, focused on numerous ideas and threads based around good mental health, wellbeing and ‘spirituality’. Working through assemblies, workshops, trips, podcasts and an exploration of various sources and resources, the group exists to promote a positive energy and reflection on our lives.

Throughout the year, we’ll promote a wide range of creative endeavours, some of which will appear on this page, so people can re-engage with our material.

There’s also a blog, offering an organic and ongoing opportunity for Harington students to add their ideas, and also dialogue with others who share the same interests and passions…

Crab soup

This assembly is based on Slavoj Žižek’s wonderful quote, “Crab soup stands for all life’s ‘small-pleasures’, without which we become mental (or even literal!) terrorists!” It’s an encouragement to seek out, acknowledge and celebrate those Absolute Pleasures that bring colour and joy to our lives, even when everything may seem to be against us (perhaps ESPECIALLY then…)

Dr Smith Assembly – Thursday 5 January 2023

This is our first assembly, in which we introduce HaringtonLink to the school. In it, we discuss key issues of wellbeing and spirituality, focusing in particular on the idea of Liminal Space. The student-members of the group also introduce themselves, and there’s a chance for those watching to reflect on liminality in their own lives, for example are there any moments/experiences for us that intersect the Physical and the Spiritual?