Feb 05


A few words from the Head Boy and Girl

Harington’s Head Boy, Rhys Hill, and Head Girl, Eve Pavitt, have shared a few thoughts about taking on their newly-appointed roles. Eve, who came to Harington from Corby Business Academy, said: “I am delighted to have been given this opportunity and excited about Harington’s future prospects”. Rhys, a former Uppingham Community College student, added: “I just want to share my passion for Harington, with the students and the community, to ensure its future and build a legacy.” Both commented on how conscious they are of ‘writing history now’.  Asked how they viewed their role amongst their own peers, especially when addressing the students’ current concerns, Rhys said that he saw it as his job to “emphasise the quality of the teaching and learning that they are getting at Harington and encourage them not to get too hung up on the ‘small stuff'”.

Rhys Hill and Eve Pavitt

Feb 04


UCAS Launch

As part of our UCAS launch today, Harington students enjoyed talks from Dan Roberts from the New College of Humanities, London, and Pippa Gibbs, Head of Careers at Oakham School. Potential Humanities students took part in a thought-provoking workshop with Dan Roberts, where the importance of critical thinking and reading beyond the classroom was explored.


Feb 04


Harington’s new Heads of School

Congratulations to Rhys Hill and Eve Pavitt, who have been chosen as Harington’s first Heads of School. They take on the mantle of heading up the School Senate, representing the student body and acting as a vital link with School staff, governors, other schools and outside organisations. More will follow on their thoughts about assuming these roles of responsibility – and about the make-up of the School Senate.

Heads of School

Jan 29


And they grabbed their stethoscopes…

Day in the Life workshopSome junior doctors from Leicester University Hospitals came to Harington earlier this week as part of the ‘Grab Your Stethoscope’ programme. They presented to an audience of aspiring medics from Harington, and students from our partner schools Catmose College, Uppingham Community College and Oakham School were also invited, along with parents and staff.

The session involved giving students the chance to do some practical role play in a real-life clinical situation, using stethoscopes and working on their people skills to develop the doctor/patient relationship.  The audience was also taken through a day in the life of a junior doctor including watching a video diary of young doctors coming off the end of their shift, having been working in a variety of settings such as A&E, gynaecology and psychiatric care .

One key message that particularly resonated with our students was: more or less everyone who goes through medical school is guaranteed a job at the end of it; the hardest part is getting there in the first place…

A few of our students are pictured taking part in the role playing situations. There will be more ‘Grab Your Stethoscope’ sessions to follow.

Junior doctor role play 26.1.16


Jan 28


Students present cheque to Anna’s Hope

Harington students Joely Donmall and Ben Powis are pictured below handing over a cheque for £230 to Mrs Carole Hughes of local charity Anna’s Hope during this morning’s assembly (Carole is the one dressed as a fairy!) . The students ran a successful cake and crepe stall at Oakham’s late night market before Christmas to raise the funds.

Mrs Hughes was delighted to receive the cheque. She said the assembly had been somewhat emotional as she had shared a video about the work of the charity and it had touched some nerves. The students were encouraged to offer their services as a fairy (which would go down well on their CVs!) at future charity functions and they were so inspired that another fundraiser is already being planned – an awareness walk (about which more to follow when the details are confirmed).

For more information about Anna’s Hope, visit

Anna's Hope cropped

Jan 21


Harington hoodies have arrived!

Harington Hoodies

Harington hoodies have arrived and students & staff have wasted no time getting into them.  Freya and Olivia are pictured in theirs (above) and Mrs Powell, Harington’s Head, is pictured with hers (below).

[Fences have also arrived today, to cordon off the building site in preparation for Harington’s permanent building – but these are not quite so photo-worthy! It is, nevertheless, a happy sight to see, putting us one step closer to having our own building.  More to follow…]


Dyl hoodie

Mrs Powell with her new Harington hoodie



Jan 18


More on ‘A Day in the Life of…’ (a Doctor)

A Day In The Life Of Flyer

Jan 11


A Day in the Life of a Doctor

Students from Harington School, Catmose College, Uppingham Community College & Oakham School who have an interest in a career in medicine are invited to attend this presentation being held on Tuesday 26th January at 6.30pm in Catmose College’s Lecture Theatre. 

Staff from each of the schools mentioned above and all parents are very welcome to come along too. The session is being run by a group of trainee doctors from University Hospitals Leicester. It will offer a valuable insight into what it’s really like on the front line of healthcare.  The medics also have plenty of advice for researching careers in this sector and securing crucial work experience.

Please email if you plan to attend.


Jan 08


Information Evening, 25 February, 6pm

We are holding an Information Evening for students applying for a Year 12 place in September 2016, and their parents. This will be held at Catmose College at 6pm on Thursday 25th February.

Applicants and their families are invited to come and find out more about Harington. It is an opportunity to meet the Head; to speak to subject teachers and student ambassadors; hear more about the extra curricular activities we offer, and our programme of UCAS and careers support. We will also give an update on the progress of work (now underway) for the permanent school building.

If you didn’t make it to our first open evening in November, come along and find out more about what we offer.

Registration 6pm

Presentations 6.15pm

Meet teachers and students from 6.45pm

To confirm your attendance or for an application pack, contact the Harington office at or call 01572 772579.

Harington in the news


Jan 08



The Trustees of Harington School propose to apply to the DfE for permission to become part of the Multi-Academy Trust, joining with Catmose College and Catmose Primary in the existing Federation. The consultation is ongoing with responses being invited before Tuesday 26 January 2016; any comments received after this date won’t be able to be considered.

This arrangement is becoming increasingly common as it allows schools to retain their individual identities whilst deriving all the financial and human resourcing benefits of scale, for example by sharing many support functions including school improvement services, finance management, IT, catering, site management and the sharing of facilities. Being located on the Catmose campus makes this particularly attractive for Harington. Catmose College and Primary will also benefit from the improved services and expertise as a result of Harington joining the Federation.

Parents and students should notice no difference to the education on offer in this arrangement at Harington. The School would retain its own local governing body, Head Teacher, uniform, and the ethos, culture and curriculum consistent with the purpose for which it was created: to provide a post-16 academic education of excellence and a state school pathway to the country’s top universities.

It will continue to enjoy the powerful backing and support from its three sponsor schools – Oakham School, Uppingham Community College and Catmose College. The current admissions policy will remain, protecting the equality of access to students to Harington from throughout Rutland and the locality, giving priority to those who live close to Uppingham and Oakham or attend Uppingham Community College or Catmose College.

The Trust which Harington will join will have representation from all three schools and will be responsible for ensuring that all the partner schools offer a high quality education, benefitting from the resources and expertise available through it. Trustees will ensure that each school is able to retain its own ethos, whilst benefitting from the economies of scale that are derived from being part of a larger organisation.

For further information, please visit If you have any questions or comments regarding this proposal please email either or by Tuesday 26 January 2016.