Sep 22


Harington Open Evening – 10 November 2015

We are holding our first Open Evening for entry to Harington School from September 2016 on Tuesday 10 November.  The event will be held at Catmose College from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. This will be an opportunity for prospective pupils and their parents to find out more about the A Level courses on offer from 2016, to meet the subject teachers and Harington’s Head Teacher Mrs Dyl Powell.

A course booklet with more detail about the subjects will be available soon.

To find out more about the Open Evening and register your interest, please email or call 01572 772579.

Sep 04



This morning Harington School opened its doors to the first ever Haringtonians. After a welcome assembly from Head Teacher, Mrs Dyl Powell, the students are meeting the staff who will support them throughout the next two years. #‎workingtogetherforsuccess



Aug 14


Letter to Applicants

Dear Harington applicant

I hope you have had a relaxing summer break and that you get the news you have been hoping for next week.

Please read this letter carefully as it contains important information about your A Level choices.

After a busy few weeks, I am delighted to confirm that Harington’s temporary classrooms are in place next to the Catmose College campus. Teachers have been appointed and are waiting to start the academic year with you. We very much look forward to you joining the Harington School community in September.

The purpose of this letter is to explain what needs to happen once you have received your GCSE results on Thursday 20th August in order to secure your place at Harington School. It is important that your place is confirmed on that day so that options can be checked and timetables generated.

Once you have your results, you will need to either:

  • Call 01572 772579 between 10.00am and 12.30pm on 20th August and verify your results to the Harington office staff. (This will then need to be followed up with submission of evidence of your grades by emailing a scanned copy or a photo of your results sheet to )


  • Go to UCC or Catmose College on 20th August and BRING YOUR RESULTS SHEET WITH YOU; this will be checked and verified by staff based at UCC and Catmose College, who will be available to help you from 10.00am – 12.30pm.

Whether we see you in person or talk to you by phone, you will be asked to confirm your A Level subject choices at the same time. Please refer to the POST-GCSE RESULTS FACT SHEET regarding the entrance criteria for Harington and the new A Level reform legislation to help you to select your 3 or 4 subjects. Remember that 3 A Levels plus an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is the desired criteria for entrance to Russell Group universities.

As soon as we have confirmed your place at Harington we will write to you again with the arrangements for the start of term. There will be the opportunity for an informal meeting with your tutor before the start of term to talk through your timetable and have your photograph taken in preparation for the Harington identity card, which you will be given on the first day of term.


Meanwhile, please bear in mind the following key dates for your diary:

FRIDAY 4th SEPTEMBER             First day of term – 10.00am

THURSDAY 10th SEPTEMBER   Parents’ Evening – 7.00pm

THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER   D of E Presentation – 5.30pm (parents and students)



If you have any queries about the results/admissions process, or anything else, please contact us.

Yours faithfully,


Mrs Dyl Powell

Head Teacher of Harington School

Working together for Success

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Aug 04



The buildings are on site this morning, everything is on track for the start of the term.


Jul 28



Dear Parents and Guardians,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you at this exciting time for education in Rutland with the opening of Harington School only a few weeks away. Your son, daughter or ward has been offered a place to be one of the first cohort of students to begin their 6th form career at Harington – a unique place in history!

As Headmaster of Oakham School, I am very proud that we have been able to take on the responsibility of providing the educational leadership of Harington and, to that effect, I am delighted that Mrs Dyl Powell is the first Head teacher of Harington. As you are aware, Mrs Powell has just retired from being the Head of Stamford High School but is currently fulfilling her final commitment to Stamford, by accompanying the girls on their sports tour to South Africa.

Therefore, in Mrs Powell’s absence, I am writing to brief you on the approach to the new A-levels at Harington:

  • The national A level reforms, brought in by the Government for the academic year 2015/16 will be a mixture of the new (linear) A-levels (which are designed to be taught as a 2 year course) and the old (modular) AS and A2 examinations (which are effectively made up of two one year courses). For the A-levels offered at Harington the split is as follows:Old (modular) AS and A2 levels;
    Further Mathematics
    Philosophy and Ethics
    Sports Science

    Those students taking any of these subjects will take AS examinations in the summer of 2016 followed by their A2 examinations a year later (summer of 2017).

    New (linear) A levels;
    English Literature

    Students taking any of the new A-levels will not take any AS level examinations in those subjects but will have end of year examinations in the summer of 2016. They will take their A-level examinations in the summer of 2017.

    Many students will therefore be studying a mixture of new A-levels and the old style AS and A2 courses. They will therefore take some AS levels in May/June 2016. A student taking only new A-levels will not take any AS examinations in 2016. All students will have end of year examinations in all subjects in 2016 followed by a parents’ evening. Students will be expected to accompany their parents to this event to discuss overall progress and the year ahead.

Most students at Harington will be expected to take three A-levels (whether old or new style) and for many this will be complimented by an additional Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in which they carry out a piece of individual research into an area of real interest (most likely linked to one of their A-levels). The top universities will base their offers on three A-level grades and we want our students to maximise their chances of top grades by focusing on those three subjects (an EPQ will further enhance their opportunity of winning a place at a top university as it demonstrates real independent learning).

For some students (e,g, those following a section of science A-levels) it may well be appropriate for them to study four A-levels. This is an individual decision for the students concerned and will be based on ability, future ambitions and overall workload.

Inevitably, final decisions on which A levels to study in September can only be made after the publication of GCSE results on 20th August. The staff at Harington will, of course, be on hand to make sure that each student, as necessary, receives the right advice in order that they can make the best possible choices for the start of what will be a very exciting 6th form career.

I wish you all a very enjoyable summer and look forward to history being made at the beginning of September!

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Lashbrook
Headmaster of Oakham School
Trustee of Harington School


Jul 23



The building schedule is on track for September.


Jul 23


Early visuals for the Harington build

We are getting VERY excited about the permanent build, these early drawings indicate just how amazing the final building will be.

11411628_904768469603878_8518078829725587735_o 11731742_904768456270546_7506871562493539026_o


Jul 08


Students enjoy their first real experience of Harington School

Harington School’s first cohort of students enjoyed a busy induction day on Thursday. Scores of students, who are all eagerly looking forward to joining the new academic Sixth Form in Oakham, took part in taster sessions to prepare them for the start of their A-level courses in September.

The day began with the students being welcomed by Mrs Powell, Harington’s newly appointed Head Teacher. She commented; “It was very pleasing to see so many students and staff excited about their new school and the academic journey they will be taking over the next two years. The individuals I spoke to were bright, enthusiastic young men and women, keen to take advantage of the opportunities on offer at Harington.

The students then had the opportunity to listen to a talk from Ritchie Gale, Oakham School’s Director of Teaching and Learning, about how to successfully make the transition from GCSE study to more demanding A-levels. One of the key ideas discussed was how developing resilience is crucial to success, and that each and every student should be ready for a high level of challenge, to be able to learn from mistakes and, through focussed work with their teachers, eventually reach their targets.

After this introductory talk, Harington teaching staff then provided sample lessons. This was to give the students a real flavour of what each subject really offered, so that they could make an informed decision about which A Levels to choose. Students were able to ask questions about each course and what would be required to be successful in them.

There was a fantastic buzz during the induction day, with students thrilled to be the first Rutlanders to benefit from the new Free School. Harriet McHugh, whose ambition is to go on to study at university in Holland said: “I thought I knew what I wanted to study, but there are just too many good options. I don’t know how I’ll choose.” Another student, Rhys Hill, said, “the taster lessons provided an insight into what the subjects would be covering and gave us a chance to talk with the subject teacher. This was a wonderful opportunity as we could talk one on one with the teacher about the specific subject. The induction day was a brilliant chance to meet both teachers and students and was very helpful for all. But for me, it made me realise that I would like to go to Harington School more than ever in September.”

As well as getting to know their future teachers and learn more about their subjects, the students encountered some really practical academic advice, aimed at improving the way they learn, in preparation for their A Levels. For example, they were all given a five-minute crash course in speed reading, which resulted in everyone managing to improve their “words per minute” speed. The students certainly left with the knowledge that their brain is a muscle that can be improved, through training and practice, in order to enhance their performance to gain their very best A-levels.

The day culminated in a barbeque, giving students the opportunity to ask any final questions about their academic future and the range of opportunities that will be available to them at Harington School.


Jul 03



Thank you to everyone who came to our Induction Day yesterday, it was fantastic to see so many of you there. We hope you found it very informative and has helped you see the ethos behind Harington.


Jun 15



Come and meet the new Head of Harington and all of your subject teachers on Thursday 2 July. Experience everything that Harington has to offer.

Held at Oakham School from 10am until 2.30pm with a BBQ at 1.30pm to finish off.