As a School we believe that a clear dress code can promote a sense of pride and belonging. Harington is an academic sixth form preparing students to ultimately work in a professional environment. Therefore, the principles are straightforward: all students should wear clothes which would be acceptable in a traditional, conventional office-based environment in the UK. The code expects everyone to avoid extremes of fashion. Students should not wear items of clothing, for example something short, revealing or tight, that would not be appropriate in a professional workplace.

The dress code applies for students when travelling to and from school. It is designed to be both formal and comfortable and is designed to allow a choice of outfits within the boundaries of professional business dress and also to protect students from the pressure of feeling the need to compete with others in terms of fashion.  If there are any problems, please do contact the Pastoral Lead at the School.

The overall impression should be that of a professional individual who takes pride in their appearance.

You can download a full copy of the uniform policy here.