PSHE Overview

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) is an important aspect of the tutorial programme at Harington, as it addresses the personal development of our students outside of academic curriculum areas. PSHE teaches the key skills of successfully living and working with other people, encourages integrity by asking the big questions that exist in our world, allowing students to voice their own views but also listen, take on and reflect upon those of others. The PSHE curriculum for our students is ambitious as it reflects the range of challenges and opportunities that face students during these crucial years.

As a result of coming to Harington School and taking part in PSHE lessons, our students will be more rounded individuals. As they grow through their time here at the school, we encourage our students to aspire to become the best person they can be and act with integrity to stand by their beliefs in whatever situation is presented. This is not always easy, but the reflection throughout the PSHE curriculum encourages this personal growth.

At Harington School a great emphasis is placed upon student’s personal development and therefore our students access at least one PSHE lesson each week throughout their time at the School. These sessions are taught by our experienced tutor team who make the sessions engaging and accessible for all students regardless of their own experiences. Our tutors access regular training in a wide range of topics from mental and sexual health through to drink driving and student finance, in order to ensure they remain up to date in a fast-changing world. Our resources come from a range of specialists including the PSHE organisation. In addition to our tutorial programme, students take part in a weekly assembly. These are often led by external specialists.

PSHE is not a statutory subject and at post-16 there is no compulsory requirement to teach relationship and sex education (RSE). At Harington however we believe that students deserve to access a strong and supportive curriculum that covers these issues. The PSHE curriculum and associated assemblies will aim to address current events and changes that occur in the world.

The curriculum is carefully planned to show a clear progression for learning so that students explore and learn subject content that empowers then with the information they need, at the most appropriate time, and to help them make positive decisions in life.  

Ultimately PSHE encourages our students to be happy and confident individuals who treat others with respect, have a clear understanding of community and have a character that gives value to the world around them.

The document below provides an overview of our PSHE curriculum across the two years students are at the School.