Sheringham Residential 2022

Yr12 geographers recently visited the North Norfolk coastline to undertake geography fieldwork required for their A Level coursework piece. The residential started with a captivating visit to The Mo museum where students were enthralled by Tim Groves and his insightful local history. The walk to and from Cromer provided students with a real sense of achievement along with an opportunity to observe the dynamic nature of the coastline.

Our visit coincided with Sheringham’s Potty Festival and whilst completing human fieldwork students were able to enjoy a variety of Morris dancing. Following the completion of a variety of fieldwork each day, evening sessions focused on statistical and analysis approaches.

During our last evening all students participated in group presentations that linked to possible coursework enquiry questions, their presentations demonstrated a thorough understanding of relevant theory, fieldwork techniques and thoughtful conclusions were reached based on primary and secondary data collected.