Students are strongly encouraged to engage in and show commitment to activities outside of the classroom. At Harington we actively support a number of opportunities. These include:


Students entering Harington who have progressed to at least grade six in their music exams can apply to access a Music Scholarship to support their ongoing development in this area through peripatetic lessons. Harington school has its own music ensemble group which meet regularly and there are opportunities available to perform locally.

At Harington we are delighted to offer the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme at Silver and Gold level. The award scheme challenges young people to serve others, acquire new skills, experience adventure and make new friends. At each level young people choose activities from all sections:
Volunteering Participants choose from commitments such as: first aid, child care, conservation, community sports leadership award, and fundraising.
Physical Recreation – There are a wide range of sporting activities to select from.
Skills Participants can choose from many leisure time activities such as: learning an instrument, taking an art class and performing arts.
Expedition Participants plan, train for and then undertake a journey in the countryside. The level of intensity, distance and duration increases with each award level.
Residential Only at gold level is there a fifth element, a residential project where participants undertake a 5-day shared activity in a residential setting away from home.
The achievements and experiences students gain are widely recognised in education and employment.

To find out more about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award please click here.

You can view the Harington School Duke of Edinburgh Calendar here.

Extra-curricular sport is encouraged at Harington with opportunities available for students at least twice a week to participate in extra-curricular sport. Students have access to a high quality sports centre, astro-turf and netball pitches.

Opportunities exist for students to apply to become Gold Sports Ambassador during their time at Harington. If successful in their application they learn valuable leadership skills whilst supporting sporting events within their local community.


We are pleased to be working in partnership with the National Citizen Service to offer opportunities to all students to take part in this exciting scheme. As part of this scheme, students have opportunities to attend residential trips, visit universities, and contribute to charitable causes within the region.