Harington Sports Day took place last Thursday 7th July. Organised by the students, the Houses competed in many traditional Sports Day events including the egg and spoon race, the three legged race, the sack race and a hotly contested tug of war.

Staff also participated in some events, with maths teacher Mr Raine comprehensively winning the egg and spoon race (he even had time for show boating and ran the last 5 metres backwards!). The halfway point was marked by free cake, and ice cream was also provided to combat the hot weather.

Due to the smoothness of the organisation there was time for an impromptu game of rounders, before finishing – as every good Sports Day should – with the 4x100m relay.

The winning house was Osprey – but, as Mr Egg and Spoon himself (Mr Raine) said: “It was jolly good fun and the money raised was for charity.”



Harington Sports Day