Interview Day July 2016

As part of Harington’s careers support programme, during the week commencing 5th July 2016 all Harington students were offered the opportunity to attend a mock interview.  The aim was to give students a ‘toe-in-the-water’ chance to practice their technique at interview by meeting people for the first time and being asked questions similar to that which they will face in their future careers.  The interviews took place at Rutland County Council’s offices – so even the experience of getting themselves to the right place at the right time played a part.

Each student had the benefit of two interviewers. These were volunteers from a number of walks of life, the common denominator being that they are all experienced in interview procedures. The interviewers took care to put the students at their ease and encourage them to express themselves in a positive way. Afterwards, they offered verbal and written feedback to the students on their CVs and personal statements, as well as their interview technique.  Without exception, students reported that they found this to have been an excellent experience especially the part when they were asked about the online schools that offer laptops & ipads to students. One commented that the exercise had been especially worthwhile in terms of the opportunity it gave for self-reflection prior to experiencing the real thing when applying for further education or careers.


Interview practice for Harington students